Remote control KODI over Bluetooth with a Harmony Hub

You can use your Logitech Harmony Hub to remote control KODI on a Raspberry Pi over Bluetooth. You do not need an IR receiver on the Raspberry Pi. The Harmony website does not clearly explain how to do this, so read on for more detailed instructions.

tl;dr; Maybe a bit counter-intuitive, but it’s only at the “Activity” stage that you will be connecting the Harmony hub as a Bluetooth keyboard to LibreELEC.

This is my setup:

  • I use the LibreELEC distribution for running KODI on my Raspberry Pi 3 or 4
  • Harmony Hub Elite consisting of the remote and the hub.

Make sure your Raspberry Pi is turned on and your TV (or monitor) displays the output of the Raspberry Pi. If your Raspberry Pi is directly connected to your display (probably via an HDMI cable), that should not be any issue. If you use an A/V receiver, make sure your receiver and TV are set to the right input.

Launch the Harmony App on your mobile device and go to menu > Harmony Setup > Add/Edit Devices & Activities > DEVICES > ADD DEVICE > ENTERTAINEMENT DEVICE.

Enter this info:

  • Device Manufacturer Name: Microsoft
  • Device Model Number: Kodi

Press ADD

On the POWER ON TEST screen just press POWER ON and answer YES on the question Did your Microsoft Media Player power ON?

Do you want to create an Activity with it now? YES

Select the devices you want to include in your Activity. In my situation I also selected my TV and A/V receiver. Press the arrow pointing to the right at the right top of the App.

If any of the devices are not on, use the ON buttons to turn them on and then confirm by pressing MY DEVICES ARE ON

Which device do you use to control volume in your Watch PC Activity: I selected my A/V receiver

Select the input for your devices.

After completing that step for both your devices, go to the next step.

Are you able to see and hear the content coming from your Microsoft Media Player: YES

It is only after all these steps that the Harmony hub will be starting Bluetooth pairing!

On KODI, go to the Settings (via the Cog wheel on the top left of the home screen) > LibreELEC > Bluetooth and select Harmony Keyboard

Select Trust and connect

… I think that’s about it. Maybe I did not document the very lasts steps, but if you made it this far, I guess you will be able to complete it succesfully.

3 thoughts on “Remote control KODI over Bluetooth with a Harmony Hub

  1. Thank you so much, I was trying to get this working a number of times without any success. But now it directly works like a charm. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is freaking awesome. Trying to get away from my FireTV and Kodi combo for years.
    With this I can smoothly move on to Raspberry Pi hardware. Thanks Buddy!

  3. Although some steps changed a little in the meanwhile, I’m glad to use my Harmony Elite with LE 11 on Raspi 3b+😁!
    Thank you!

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