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Pin DHCP WAN interface to LAN for pfSense CARP/HA

Setting up High Availability on pfSense is not that difficult. It consists of configuring the state and settings synchronization (pfsync), creating virtual IPs (CARP) and changing the settings for DHCP, DNS and NTP so that you clients use the virtual IP. But things get tricky if you have only 1 IPv4 WAN address and it is assigned via DHCP by your ISP. If CARP is not an option for the WAN interface, how can we make sure we get the same public IP address on both firewalls?

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D-Link DGS-1500-20 DHCP problem fixed

I had a very strange problem in my home network: some wired hosts did not get an IP address from my wireless router. After some sniffing with Wireshark, I concluded that this problem only occurred with hosts that were connected to my D-Link DGS-1500-20 gigabit Ethernet switch. Hosts that were connected to my wireless router received an IP address via DHCP without any problem.

I did not find any settings in the DGS-1500 that could fix this problem and even a factory reset (pushing the reset button) did not fix it. Eventually I was able to fix this problem by updating the stock firmware 1.00.013 to version 2.51.005!