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FreePBX calling Home Assistant

Call Home Assistant from FreePBX

Release 2023.5 of Home Assistant introduced the new Voice over IP integration that enables talking to the HA voice assistant using a regular (analog) phone. The instructions currently only apply to the Grandstream HT801 and HT802 analog phone adapters. After some trial and error, I managed to call Home Assistant from a SIP phone registered on my FreePBX VoIP server. Continue reading for more details on how to configure this in FreePBX.

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Pin DHCP WAN interface to LAN for pfSense CARP/HA

Setting up High Availability on pfSense is not that difficult. It consists of configuring the state and settings synchronization (pfsync), creating virtual IPs (CARP) and changing the settings for DHCP, DNS and NTP so that you clients use the virtual IP. But things get tricky if you have only 1 IPv4 WAN address and it is assigned via DHCP by your ISP. If CARP is not an option for the WAN interface, how can we make sure we get the same public IP address on both firewalls?

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