Pin DHCP WAN interface to LAN for pfSense CARP/HA

Setting up High Availability on pfSense is not that difficult. It consists of configuring the state and settings synchronization (pfsync), creating virtual IPs (CARP) and changing the settings for DHCP, DNS and NTP so that you clients use the virtual IP. But things get tricky if you have only 1 IPv4 WAN address and it is assigned via DHCP by your ISP. If CARP is not an option for the WAN interface, how can we make sure we get the same public IP address on both firewalls?

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Mackie SRM150 repair

I received two Mackie SRM150 amplifiers that had the same problem: both powered on but did not reproduce any sound apart from some louder than normal hiss and a very noticeable pop when turning up the volume. The problem on both units turned out to be a defective linear regulator component on the preamp/mixer board. Read further if you want to learn more about the repair… Continue reading Mackie SRM150 repair

Philips PerfectCare Aqua does not pump [SOLVED]

The PerfectCare Aqua is a steam generator iron made by Philips. My model GC8620 had a strange problem: it would heat up the iron and I could hear the steam chamber heating up also, but when I pressed the trigger on the iron (after the steam chamber made no more noise and it was at the right temperature), the pump would not work. No water being pumped to the steam chamber meant no steam 🙁

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